United Soccer Coaches Special Topics Diploma: Integrating Goalkeeper Training into Your Team Training Sessions

The Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic is honored to be an Official United Soccer Coaches (formerly NSCAA) Education Event. Soccer Champions shares the United Soccer Coaches' goal of helping coaches of all levels become better coaches.

In conjunction with this partnership, Soccer Champions is offering two exclusive United Soccer Coaches coaching education diploma courses at the 2018 clinic: 1) the United Soccer Coaches Advanced Technical Training Special Topics Diploma and 2) the United Soccer Coaches Special Topics Diploma: Integrating Goalkeeper Training Into Your Team Training Sessions course. Please click the course links to learn more about each of these United Soccer Coaches offerings at Soccer Champions.

To learn more about all United Soccer Coaches coaching education curriculum and course offerings, visit the United Soccer Coaches Education webpage.

*A fee of $45 will apply for this diploma.

Integrating Goalkeeper Training into Your Team Training Sessions: A Primer for High School & Club Coaches

Led by United Soccer Coaches Goalkeeping Instructor Lisa Cole, this United Soccer Coaches special topics diploma course is designed to help high school and club coaches more effectively coach the goalkeeper within the team environment. The course includes four sessions - two lectures and two field sessions - which will provide coaches with a better understanding of the keeper position (and how to build confidence and empower your GK), while providing coaches with team activities/games that allow keepers to develop/prepare in the context of your regular team training environment. Obviously, with limited resources and staff, high school and club coaches need to find ways to effectively integrate their keepers into training sessions. This course will provide activities that coaches can implement in their sessions. In addition, Coach Cole also will provide coaches with some simple ideas on how best to warm-up your goalkeeper to participate in team sessions.

  1. Lecture #1: The Goalkeeping Position
    What every coach should know about the position to be effective in getting the most out of the goalkeepers on your team.
  2. Field Session #1: Team Games to Develop Your Goalkeeper
    Provide coaches with Team Games that provide good, realistic repetition not only of the technical side of the goalkeeper position but on the decision and communication needed to play well in goal.
  3. Field Session #2: Functional Training for Goalkeepers in Game-Like Situations
    Provide coaches with exercises that allow goalkeepers and field players repetition, in realistic game like environments, on the following skills: dealing with through balls; handling shots in and around the 18; dealing with crosses, etc.
  4. Lecture #4: Developing Leadership and Confidence in Goalkeepers & Course Review
    Talk about how to empower the goalkeeper in training sessions to build confidence and develop leadership. Course review and wrap-up with diplomas provided at conclusion.