Soccer Champions
"Developing Positive Leadership" Diploma

This four-session special course offering will feature lecture and interactive classroom discussions with National Champion Collegiate Coach Becky Burleigh (who co-founded the "What Drives Winning" Conference in 2015 with Brett Ledbetter) as well as other great soccer and leadership experts. These sessions will outline strategies and approaches to developing positive leadership through character development on your team, organization or club. Sessions will be interactive and topics will include Character Roadmap Part 1 & 2 and Coaching Character Skills with Your Team. Coaches attending this special course curriculum will be required to attend all four (4) sessions to receive their "Developing Positive Leadership" Diploma (which will be distributed at clinic following completion of the course). In addition, all coaches registered for this special offering will receive a hardcover copy of the book "What Drives Winning" (a $26.95 value).

Course Materials: What Drives Winning Road Map

*A fee of $45 applies for this course/diploma.

Becky Burleigh
Head Women's Soccer Coach
University of Florida
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What Drives Winning - Learn how to achieve more through character development with lessons including:

  • How to separate the person from the player
  • How to distinguish the two types of character
  • How to overcome fear of failure
  • Plus many more!

This book is full of real-life examples and time-tested advice from some of the winningest coaches in sports history, as well as a number of easy-to-follow exercises that will help you better understand what will drive winning for yourself and your team.