NSCAA Coaching Diplomas

The Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic is honored to be an Official NSCAA Education Event. Soccer Champions shares the NSCAA's goal of helping coaches of all levels become better coaches.

In conjunction with this partnership, Soccer Champions offers several NSCAA coaching education diploma opportunities at the 2016 clinic: the NSCAA High School Coaching Special Topics Diploma and the NSCAA Goalkeeper Level 1 Diploma. Please see below to learn more about each of these NSCAA offerings at Soccer Champions.

To learn more about all the NSCAA's coaching education curriculum and course offerings, visit the NSCAA Education webpage.

NSCAA High School Coaching Special Topics Diploma

Led by NSCAA Director of Coaching Ian Barker, the NSCAA High School Coaching Special Topics Diploma offered at Soccer Champions will highlight the value that quality high school coaching and training play in long term player development.

Designed for high school coaches (but valuable for coaches of all levels involved with player development), this multi-session diploma track will examine the importance of linking the player experience in club soccer to high school and beyond. This course includes: Thursday evening classroom theory sessions (The Role & Impact of the High School Coach in Player Development and Effective Team Management that Drives Performance) and linked practical field sessions (including: Building Out from the Back and Attacking and Defending Principles of Play) that will take place on Friday capped by a final classroom review session. These sessions will be led by NSCAA Director of Coaching Ian Barker, NSCAA ELearning Coordinator David Newbery and NSCAA Staff Coach Brandon Silva. Course registrants will receive some NSCAA ELearning content and will be awarded their diploma at the completion of the course on February 24 (coaches need to be in attendance on Thursday evening and Friday to complete the course - see Soccer Champions Schedule for details).

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from some of the NSCAA's top instructors at the 2017 Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic at Mohegan Sun, February 23 - 25. Register for Soccer Champions and the NSCAA High School Coaching Special Topics Diploma today!

*A fee of $45 applies for this diploma.

NSCAA Goalkeeping Level 1 Coaching Diploma

The overall objective of the Goalkeeping Level 1 Diploma is to explore some of the myths and mystiques surrounding the goalkeeping function. The six-hour course is directed towards the team coach - not the specialist goalkeeper coach. The object is to empower the coach with knowledge and practice methods that will enable the coach to evaluate a goalkeeper in game situations and then design an appropriate practice program for goalkeepers in and outside of team practices. The course includes lecture (theory) and field (practical) sessions.

Course Materials: NSCAA Goalkeeper Level I Candidate Manual

*A fee of $45 applies for this diploma.