2019 Registered Exhibitors

This list will be continually updated until the start of the clinic each year.
Please check back for updates.

Company Name Type of Business Website Company Name Sort Website Booth Number
360Player Player Development Software www.360player.com 360player www.360player.com 398
American Challenge Soccer Balls, Apparel & Gear www.achallenge.com American Challenge www.achallenge.com 200 & 202
Apollo Sports Software www.apolloyouth.com Apollo www.apolloyouth.com 111
Beyond Pulse The Ultimate Soccer Coaching Diagnostic Tool www.beyondpulse.com Beyond Pulse www.beyondpulse.com 208
Calcio è Vita Lifestyle Brand Lifestyle Apparel www.calcioevita.com Calcio è Vita Lifestyle Brand www.calcioevita.com 107
Caño Soccer & Amaral Soccer Caño = Soccer Apparel and Amaral Soccer = Summer Camps www.canosoccer.com Caño Soccer & Amaral Soccer www.canosoccer.com 106
Capelli Sport Soccer Apparel, Footwear and Equipment www.capellisport.com Capelli Sport www.capellisport.com 101 & 103
ConnectSoccer Recruiting Platform www.connectsoccer.com ConnectSports www.connectsoccer.com 105
Disney Soccer/ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex Youth Soccer Tournaments www.espnwwos.com/sports/soccer/ Disney Sports www.espnwwos.com/sports/soccer/ 201
Everson Soccer Academy Soccer Clinics & Camps www.eversonsoccer.com Everson Soccer Academy www.eversonsoccer.com 119
Firewood Camps Software / Event Registration / An Agency that Creates Value for Coaches www.firewoodcamps.com Firewood Camps www.firewoodcamps.com 204 & 206
Gold Athletics High School & Youth Sports Fundraising www.goldathletics.net Gold Athletics www.goldathletics.net 104
Hartford Athletic Pro Soccer Team - USL www.hartfordathletic.com Hartford Athletic www.hartfordathletic.com 205
HI-POD Inc Elevated Videography Tower www.hi-pod.com HI-POD Inc www.hi-pod.com 120
Hollywood Banners Banners/Signage www.hollywoodbanners.com Hollywood Banners www.hollywoodbanners.com 102
Hudl Sports Software Technology www.hudl.com Hudl www.hudl.com 214
hummel North America Team Apparel www.hummel.net hummel North America www.hummel.net 203
ICON Soccer Ball Manufacturer www.icon-usa.com ICON www.icon-usa.com 121
Jaypro Sports Manufacturer of Quality Sports Equipment www.jaypro.com Jaypro Sports www.jaypro.com Pre-Function
Kwik Goal Soccer Equipment Manufacturer www.kwikgoal.com Kwik Goal www.kwikgoal.com 108
Mobile Virtual Player Robotic Training Dummies/Aids www.mobilevirtualplayer.com Mobile Virtual Player www.mobilevirtualplayer.com 117
MOTI Sports, Inc. Player & Coach 3D Mobile Coaching App www.motisports.com MOTI Sports, Inc. www.motisports.com 300 & 302
NFP Sports Team Sports Fundraising www.nfpsports.com NFP Sports www.nfpsports.com 115
Official adidas Store Soccer Apparel, Footwear & Equipment www.adidas.com/us/ adidas www.adidas.com/us/ Pre-Function
Orono Sports Soccer Equipment www.oronosports.com Orono Sports www.oronosports.com 220 & 222
Player Fee Warranty Reimbursing Club Fee's www.playerfeewarranty.com Player Fee Warranty www.playerfeewarranty.com 395
PlayerMaker Sports Training Equipment www.playermaker.co.uk PlayerMaker www.playermaker.co.uk 100
Positive Coaching Alliance Coaching Education www.positivecoach.org Positive Coaching Alliance www.positivecoach.org 399
R.A.D. Sports Sports Construction www.radsports.com R.A.D. Sports www.radsports.com 213
Ray Reid Soccer School Soccer Camps www.rayreid.com Ray Reid Soccer School www.rayreid.com 113
SCORE Sports Athletic Sportswear www.scoresports.com SCORE Sports www.scoresports.com 207
Snap! Raise Fundraising www.snap-raise.com Snap! Raise www.snap-raise.com 217
Soccer & Rugby Imports Soccer Retail www.soccerandrugby.com Soccer & Rugby Imports www.soccerandrugby.com 210
Soccer N' Moore/Xara Soccer Team Specialist www.soccernmoore.com Soccer N' Moore/Xara Soccer www.soccernmoore.com 109
SoccerPlus/Challenger Sports Soccer Camps www.soccerplus.org SoccerPlus/Challenger Sports www.soccerplus.org 397
Traveling Teams Team Travel www.travelingteams.com Traveling Teams www.travelingteams.com 209
U.S. Futsal United States Futsal Federation www.futsal.com U.S. Futsal www.futsal.com 396
Umbro Team Apparel www.umbro.com Umbro www.umbro.com 215
Wide World of Indoor Sports Indoor Multisport Facility www.wideworldofindoorsports.com Wide World of Indoor Sports www.wideworldofindoorsports.com 123
X-Grain Sportswear Team Apparel www.x-grain.com X-Grain Sportswear www.x-grain.com 219